John Lademann, Cutchogue
Meeting 4/10/2012 7:30 PM
April 10, 2012 7:30 PM

JOHN LADEMANN:  John Lademann, Cutchogue.  I would just like to know whether this will help with the problem with the unregistered vehicles riding on Alvah’s Lane?  They can use their own property instead of using town property.  Will this help it? 


SUPERVISOR RUSSELL:  Under the current proposal it wouldn’t because that site plan was approved prior to the adoption of this law.  It doesn’t mean that it won’t come into play down the road regarding the future of that site but currently, we can’t apply a new law to a site plan that has already been approved. 


MR. LADEMANN:  In other words, it won’t? 


SUPERVISOR RUSSELL:  No, unfortunately. 


MR. LADEMANN:  I thought that site plan would be no good now, if this goes through. 




MR. LADEMANN:  That is what I was told.  That is what we were told. 


SUPERVISOR RUSSELL:  We are working on it.  We are working on it. 


MR. LADEMANN:  Well, we have  heard that story now for quite a few years.  Working on it. 


SUPERVISOR RUSSELL:  We violated again, with those, we have been through this.  We have violated those vehicles, and we have an ADA that won’t prosecute them.  We need help there. 


MR. LADEMANN:  They are not farm vehicles.  You can check that out.  They can be used out on the lot but not on the road.